Date: 27–11–20

Prologue the Open studio:

In the day before open studio, as I’m browse through the internet, I came upon a animated TV series that depicting the same message as my project does, Which is Mobile suite Gundam 0080: War in the pocket. In short, the message of this…

Date: 27–11–20

From the previous entry, I can conclude that I need to use more real-life symbolism in my work. I search for the symbolism from the book called “A Dictionary Of Symbol” by J.E. Cirlot and have found 15 symbolism that I believe would suit my work, which are;

Date: 04–11–20

This week, I believe my experimentation is quite well received or heading in the correct direction as I experimented with the way to depicts my works. The reflection that I got is that;

  1. Since I use a mythological figure like the lord Indra, I need to have cultural…

Date: 26–10–20

Continuing from the last entry, I have studied some of the arts that depict war and political conflict and have found some common symbolism, which includes;

  1. The use of darker tone colors, especially red and black. …

Date: 18–10–20

After the viewing of Audiovisuals with all the advisors, I have been challenged on my standpoint. I state that “For the crowd to act, they need an influencer,” referring to the book of Gustav Le Bon, in which one of the comments of the advisor was, “Don’t you…

Statement: Social media that’s fast, intimate, and is multi-way communication plays a part in pushing people to join the crowd of anger.

Question: Why some group of people easily persuaded by the social media?

keyword: Crowd psychology, anger, persuation

Crowd anger model that I summarize.

Statement: The internet influence people to sacrifice individuality and join the crowd.


  • Crowd psychology
  • The Internet
  • Persuasion
  • Post

Question: How a single post on the internet persuades the mind of thousands?


Ordinary Existential design student

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