Research and update (07-09-20)

2 min readSep 8, 2020


The relationship between Political situation and the internet model

According to this model, this week, I have been searching for the “bait” part of the model. Here is some of the examples that I have gathered.

The anti-Coup d’etat manifesto
no coup d’etat hashtag in twitter
The chart illustrates the history of Thailand’s coup d’etat. The post said, “If Coup d’etat is good, then why our country is worsening”
Propaganda for the Nakornsritamarach’s flash mob against dictatorship.
Propaganda for KMITL’s flashmob by the university’s student.
Attorney’s center for human right facebook post on right of student in protesting.
This post depicted the defiance of students toward their government supporter teacher. It read, “I have reached today because of myself, not because of a teacher’s lesson.”
A meme from “underground karaoke” facebook page. It depict a conspiracy that the government release the COVID-19 patience in order to control the flash mob.
This post depicted the reflection of the event that police get assault with house paint. However, this post said that the people that are being oppressed by the law had it worse.
A sarcastic comic from Facebook page “Narutu.” This comic is the reflection of the event that the prime minister told the press that our king Rama X is merciful to not use the 112 law against the citizens.
This post depicted the record from flashmob for attorney anon that’s being held captive. Here, Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the spear-head against the government, gives a speech to the people, “If we fight, we will be free. If we flee, we will be a slave.”

From my research, I can conclude that; the influencer is aiming for the newer generation, such as university student, High schooler, and Middle schooler. This can be seen in the used of newer approach of media such as sarcastic posts, friendly infographic, and memes.




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