Thesis Update -01

2 min readOct 18, 2020


Date: 18–10–20

After the viewing of Audiovisuals with all the advisors, I have been challenged on my standpoint. I state that “For the crowd to act, they need an influencer,” referring to the book of Gustav Le Bon, in which one of the comments of the advisor was, “Don’t you believe they have a free will?” This statement makes me reconsidering the correctness of my theory. With this reconsideration, I choose to alter the focus of the statement to suit reality.

“Persuasion ≠ Free will”

With the consultation of my Advisor, we were discovering a new diagram for my project, which is:

Exposure(info) → Perception+ Persuation+Judgment → Free will

In the present, I agree with this formula. I can adapt this diagram to my project, for example;

Injustice → Perception + Persuasion → Flash mobs

After we’re finding the diagram, the question is, how do I apply this theory? Firstly, I need to find the keywords for the visualization of my theory. Secondly, I need to find the motive for my work, such as character and icon.

After we have finished the consultation, an inhuman deed had occurred with the crowd at the Pathumwan district. The police force was overpoweringly assaulting powerless protester along with poor civilians. My heart has sunken with this fiendish act of the authorities. With this, I now have a standpoint on what I want to communicate.

I don’t want to point who is right or wrong, I want to show what tragedy conflict, and violence brings

With this, my new keywords are Violence, Exposure, Perception, Judgment, and Free will.

For the context, I wish to study the depiction and arts that record the political conflicts and wars further to understand the work's mood and tones. And find similar characters, styles, and icons in said works. I need to understand what kind of images are being interpreted and what kind of stories are being told.