Thesis Update -02

2 min readOct 26, 2020


Date: 26–10–20

Continuing from the last entry, I have studied some of the arts that depict war and political conflict and have found some common symbolism, which includes;

  1. The use of darker tone colors, especially red and black. This common ground is straightforward to observe, as it appears in most of the arts.
  2. The uneasy feeling that the works radiate. An example of these feelings is fear and mild depression. To achieve this effect, the work's creator effectively commands the use of the line, colors, and contrast of value to manipulate the observer's mind.

After I have studied the works of many artists for the common ground of the work, I have found that while speaking the same message, most of the work is unique, as if the artist is trying to escape the norm set before them. And for me, as a design student, I intend to do the same thing. To create uniqueness for my project, I have to use my own feeling and understanding of reality rather than relying on already existing work.

With this, I am experimenting with a different way to portray the visuals. I also use the existing symbolism that I create while in the second and third years to continue my line of the uniqueness of my works in this university, which includes;

  1. Girl with cocoon — This is one of the oldest symbolism I have created. It’s meant to be a symbol of the uncertainty of the future, as the girl that holds the cocoon will never know what is inside that shell.
  2. Eyeball with three pupils — According to the Mesopotamian arts, pupils are the window that leads to the souls; if the eyes are chaotic, so would its owner. This symbolizes the chaotic state of mind.
  3. Butterfly — I use the butterfly as a symbolism of growth and beauty, overcoming the uncertainty, as continue from the girl with cocoon. But what plan will I have with such positive symbolism? You will soon see it.
  4. Black Indra — Indra, or as known in Thai as “Phra Inn,” Is one of the many Hindu mythology gods. In the ancient Indus river civilization, Indra was a king of heaven, the god of thunder, and a defender of humankind. He was one of the symbolism of protection and power, but what if that power were turning against us?

At this current state of the experiment, I plan to use the main medium of drawing but with different effects and approaches.