Date: 04–11–20

This week, I believe my experimentation is quite well received or heading in the correct direction as I experimented with the way to depicts my works. The reflection that I got is that;

  1. Since I use a mythological figure like the lord Indra, I need to have cultural references. For example, why does he has four arms? In my research, most Hindu gods have more arms as the depiction of greater power and to be depicted holding their weapon/sacred item.
  2. It needs to be iconic enough. This means that aside from the culture's reference, My work needs to be unique to myself. which I believe that other symbolism such as eyes with 3 pupils is already iconic within itself, now that is left is lord Indra, which will lead to the next reflection
  3. Using a mixed culture. To make the mythological figure such as lord Indra iconic, I must mix many aspects of culture, both in the past and present. In this case, I mix western pop-culture with my interpretation of “lord Indra turns evil.”
  4. The free will. I interpreted that free will is not in the depiction of the drawing or painting. But in the perception and judgement of an artist that depicts them. However, my advisor commented that cleary depicts free will. It must also appear in work in some shape or form. For me, free will are invisible but exist, light but strong, and mostly, free. With all of this description, I imagine this to be a faded glowing bird.
  5. I also excluded the cocoon since it already has the meaning of being a third gender.