Thesis Update — 4,5

1 min readNov 27, 2020

Date: 27–11–20

From the previous entry, I can conclude that I need to use more real-life symbolism in my work. I search for the symbolism from the book called “A Dictionary Of Symbol” by J.E. Cirlot and have found 15 symbolism that I believe would suit my work, which are;

  1. Bird- Human souls
  2. Child- Future, Angle(Christian)
  3. Feather- Faith, Contemplation
  4. Hair- Energy, Fertility
  5. Hand- Strenght, Action
  6. He-goat- Scape-goat, Devil
  7. Knife- Vengence, Sacrifice, Death
  8. Palm- Victory
  9. Skull- Mortality
  10. Stars- Multiplicity
  11. Strom- Divine related
  12. Thunderbolt- Power, Higher upon lower, Destruction
  13. Weapons- Hero’s struggle
  14. Wing- Spirituality, Thought, Imagination
  15. Women-dead- Dead of Anima(souls)

After the research of symbolism, I try out some of the different ways to depicts my ideas. First, I try painting since I want my outcome to appear grander like a painting mural. However, I found that I’m lacking in the brush's skills and would not be time efficient if I continue to use this medium. Second, I try EE pencils; it came out better than I have expected, and my advisor seems to agree. Third, I try white graphite on dark canvas, I found these technics very enjoyable, and the work is beyond acceptable. After this experiment week will be Open studio 1 on Friday, November 20th. more entry to come after the Open studio