Thesis Update-Open studio

2 min readNov 27, 2020


Date: 27–11–20

Prologue the Open studio:

In the day before open studio, as I’m browse through the internet, I came upon a animated TV series that depicting the same message as my project does, Which is Mobile suite Gundam 0080: War in the pocket. In short, the message of this series is the effect of the tragedy of war through the eye of the children. This message inspire me in my work, since in my original idea, the depiction is through my interpretation. But I get inspired by the idea of seeing the conflict through the eyes of the children, which for me, I believe the message to be more impactful than my original plan. With this, I made one uniquely different work to my Open studio presentation.

The Reflection on Open Studio:

In the day of Open studio, after my presentation, I have receive many idea and criticism, which I find to be very useful to my project. The session is short but impactful and immense and intense, and these are the main problem of my project:

  1. There is still lack of story for the viewer to understand my context and message.
  2. I still need to find a way to convince the viewer that this work is relatable.
  3. My position in my work need to be stronger.
  4. the size of work need to be larger.
  5. I need to produce more work.
  6. Find more symbolism.
  7. It need to be enough!

Overall I’m still dissatisfy with my lack of power on my work. But know this: I will not be defeated, I will be enough, and I will not be denied.